Friday, August 21, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Photo by marlewis

I saw this picture of San Francisco circa 1941 while looking though Flickr stuffles yesterday. I reminded me of a couple of things...First, that a year ago (give or take a week) my husband and I were enjoying the sights of San Francisco and the joys of Northern California.

Next, I really enjoy the styles of the 1940s. The taylored fit...the less feminine, yet still flattering hats. The sturdy shoes...I could have sooo pulled off that look.

I'll leave you with the favorite San Fran Picture in my photo library taken in August 2008. I apologize to those of you have most likely seen it before...

Golden Gate Bridge

Happy Weekend!


  1. simply beautifully captured shots!

  2. Great photos.

    I love 40s fashion too.


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