Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning Twilight

Sunrise Shadows - 08-11-09
Texas skies always turn me on...
This morning as I left with Dory for our walk I slung my camera over my shoulder in hopes of some "kewl kitty shots" to use on Dory's blog...No kitties out this morning, but the morning skies were awesome!

Birdie Condo - 08-11-09
Bird Condo Silhouette

Cinderella Castle - 08-11-09
Birdhouse Castle in the sky.....

Good morning, as you rise and shine
Another day in life is here
The hour has come to redefine
Your journey ‘cross the wild frontier
Beneath a sky, in cobalt hue
You’ll stroll along your merry route
While I hope all the best for you
As you continue your pursuit.

Good morning, as the moonlight fades
And you begin your daily chores
The dawn is bright; open the shades
Then, dream until each wish is yours
Throughout the day, you’ll move in stride
As I hold your heart in each prayer
Every time that you look outside
You’ll know that I am waiting there.

Good morning, as you greet the world
Once more, your life begins anew
A fresh beginning has unfurled
And brought your goals within your view
While you seek to embrace your dreams
I’ll wish you well, ‘til day is done
I’ll keep you safe, beneath my beams
Have a great day! Regards, the sun.

© 2007 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

Grace in Small Things 05/365

1. A boss that is staying in his office so I can get this blog finished ;-)

2. Living in a state with such beautiful clear skies

3. Having a fur kid that walks beside me every morning and is patient when I stop to take pictures

4. A Janet Evanovich audiobook to laugh to on the way to work

5. Well worn SARK books that can revive my creativity


  1. Your photos are wonderful, I love the birdhouses in silhouette. You do have beautiful skies.
    The poem is a perfect way to start a day.

  2. I can ALWAYS get a good laugh fest going by reading Janet Evanovith.


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