Wednesday, September 10, 2014

252/365 Marina in the Morning

251/365 Flower Petal Disconnection

Not to be confused with my brain disconnection....I know I take a picture a day....but for some reason I keep messing up the numbers...sigh, is their such a thing as menomisnumbering YAM??

246/365 And I Shall Call Him Mni Me

Big Arty and Mini Arty 
Arty and Mini Arty are Happy that at least the San Francisco 49ers won this week!!
(American which I am a NY Giants fan....and we won't talk about how badly they performed this week.... :-( )

245/365 Seriously Mama

Seriously Mama....

244/365 Laughter

244/365 Laughter

243/365 I Wish I Could Fly

I wish....I could fly...
This Brown Pelican seems to be searching for lunch!
I am taking part in Wings on Wednesday this week!
Thanks to YAM for hosting!!