Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love and Las Vegas

Romantic Summer Sunflowers at the Bellagio Gardens - taken in April 2009

Like many before her, my BFF and her fiance have decided to get married in Las Vegas! I was THRILLED to hear this. Many people may think that LV is commercialized and maybe not the perfect place for a wedding. Me? Las Vegas is the place my husband and I go to for a romantic getaway, I know how romantic and F-U-N Vegas can be.

Believe it or not, the reason that she selected Las Vegas was the cost factor. Seems it's just cheaper to fly to Vegas and get married than to have the ceremony/reception on the west coast of Florida!

Grace in Small Things - 06/365
Today's Thankful list

1. Old friends

2. Crafting the night away

3. Songs from the 70s keeping me company at work

4. A pretty pink journal to write my innermost thoughts

5. Surfing the net for wedding chapels in Vegas!!!

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  1. Such a colorful picture and so pleasing to the eye.
    Sunny :)


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