Saturday, December 31, 2016

366/366 A Beautiful Year

A Sunny Beginning

 A Sparkling End

365/366 Kindness

Random Act

364/366 A Bit of Work a Bit of Play


Frosty Pink

363/366 More Marvel Fun

Avengers Unite

362/366 Fun with Marvel

I am Groot!

361/366 Outside Fun

 More Seasonal Confusion


360/366 Merry Christmas

 Christmas Morning

Under the Tree Sea

359/366 - The Night Before Christmas

 All Snug in their Beds

The Stockings Were Hung

358/366 Shapes

 Lots of Latte


357/366 Festive Flowers

 Christmas Bouquet

Rough Around the Edges

356/366 Old Town Charm

 Small Town Holiday Charm

Old Fashioned Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

355/366 Winter Blooms

 Winter Bloom
A surprise backyard bloom

Petals of Red
These beautiful red petals of the Cyclamen caught my eye while shopping this morning

354/366 - Chistmas Baubles

 Baubles by Firelight
Warm light on a cold winter evening...

Bauble Ring
Glowing Bauble wreath...

353/366 - Christmas Cheer

Smiley Snowman

Beautiful Basket

Sunday, December 18, 2016

352/366 Around the House

 Pop O Red
Tis the season for selective color ;-)

Enjoying the chilly weather from the comfort of my living room...

351/366 Enjoying the Sunshine

Sunshine and Blue Skies
After 87 days(or maybe 5 or 6) in a row of cloudy rainy weather,  we were blessed with clear skies and crisp clean air!

Beautiful Chill
Sunset over Trinidad Head on a chilly evening

350/366 Gone to the Dogs

 Woofy Christmas
Our Christmas tree is adorned with either woofy or fishy ornaments this year :-)

Dory Bone
Dory's first Blogville Gift Exchange Ornament

349/366 - Christmas Moments

Marching Soldier
 Golden light and silver sparkles make for a fun photo opportunity


Advent Joy
Beautiful music and fun fellowship was had at the Joy Advent Service (and choir practice) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

348/366 Decor

 Windowsill Christmas
Glass, lights and rain really helps make the windowsill sparkle! 

5 years later and still loving my homemade Christmas Tree/Star Banner

347/366 Kitchen Christmas

 Tangelo Love
...needless to say, these won't last very long

Kitchen Counter Stroll
A Christmas bear outing...

346/366 Seasonal Confusion

 Seasonal Confusion
The Rhodies think 
boy are they in for a big surprise....

Rhody Bloom
Enjoying it, while it lasts....

345/366 Celebration

 Christmas Lamp
I am really loving the (sparkle-ys) bokeh created by the Christmas lights this year!

Dinner Out
Hubby and I went out to a fancy joint to celebrate our Birthdays!

344/366 Holiday Hustle

 Postal Box Fun
 Stopped by the post office to drop off cards this morning...Just love the older post boxes!

Santa Arty
Such a serious little guy!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

343/366 Waining Creativity

It is, what seems like, Day 87 of wet, raw, rain here on the Lost Coast. While it makes for great crops and green, green grass in our also putting a strain on my photographic creativity

 Hanging Around
A bit too much eggnog and things get crazy!!

 New friend from across the pond...

342/366 Livestock

"Excuse me, eating here!"

Around Town
Bison on a rainy day

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

341/366 Holiday Moments

 Top Hat
Fun with snow freaks

Joy is being able to relax in a twinkle filled room!

340/366 Unrelated

 Wintery Morning
Winter is coming :-)

Silver Bell
Tis the season!

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