Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Staying Close to Home

San Antonio River Walk - June 2009

This summer has been spent close to home with small trips to areas close by. This picture of the San Antonio River Walk was taken on a road trip to introduce my niece and nephew to the Alamo.

Grace in Small Things - 02:365

1. Sudafed..on allergy days
2. New love...and the engagement of my BFF's niece
3. The ocean..and promises of blue water dives
4. 4 day work weeks...with 2 days down and 2 days to go
5. Making the final payment on your long weekend at Disney with our niece and nephew.


  1. What is the sleuth channel? I would love to DVR JAG reruns. I'll bet we don't have it in CT. Have always wanted to see the Riverwalk but have only gotten to DFW area where my son lives. I look forward to more musings....

    Grrrs from the Giz (and his Mom)

  2. The River Walk is beautiful, I would love to spend some time there. Amen on the Sudafed and the ocean is always on my list.


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