Friday, September 30, 2016

273/366 A Day of Adventure

 While the Hubby was conferencing today I hopped on a tour bus to the Grand Canyon!

 Wild Wild West
Trains, history and lunch at the Grand Canyon Railway  in Williams, AZ this afternoon.

 Stormy Canyon
Stormy weather made for some interesting Grand Canyon views today.

Getting Caught in the Storm
(click HERE to view over at YouTube)

Even with the rain, I really enjoyed the day!

274/366 A Morning Stroll on the Las Vegas Strip

 Casino Morning
So many shadows and 85% of visitors sleeping in make for fun early morning Las Vegas photo walks

Bellagio Shadowplay
More early morning photo walk fun... 

Other sights seen today....

At the Bellagio...

A night and day LV Paris capture

Ceasar's Palace

The Mirage...

Outside of Treasure Island...

 The Wynn...

The Palazzo and Venetion...


...and the day wouldn't be complete with a flamingo captured at The Flamingo!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

272/366 Travel Day

A long travel day, but we landed safe and sound in Las Vegas this afternoon.

Fast and Easy
A long day leads to a forgetful evening. I almost forgot to brng the Nikon out of its case! I got this quick shot while walking to dinner!

270/366 Foggy Day

After a couple of days of warm summer like weather, the Humboldt County for moved back into the area...

 Foggy Sun
A foggy Tuesday morning..

Foggy Sight
McKinleyville Totem Pole through the fog...

Monday, September 26, 2016

270/366 - Town and Country

Central Avenue, Our Small Town's Main Street,  hosts more than a few older buildings...this one is adjacent the pack's groomers :-)

A Blue and Great Heron enjoy a morning Minnow Break...

269/366 Inside and Out

 Inside Morning Sun
Playing around with Autumn colors in the morning sun.

Blue Skies Outside
Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon walk in Downtown Eureka

Saturday, September 24, 2016

268/366 Farmer's Market Saturday

 Peppery Goodness
Peppers season is in full swing here on the California North Coast!

Flowers in the Sun
This sunflower hybrid looks brilliant from the front and back!

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