Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Exploring the Lake!

After a good night's sleep we awoke to another beautiful day! 

While the hubby was in meetings, I met the spouses and we headed out on the Miss Dixie 2 for a cruise on the lake

The lake was calm and it was fun watching the boats and jet skis zipping around

I was amazed at the cobalt blue water and beautiful views.

We even had an osprey nest sighting...

With the Mama nearby!

It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful morning!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Around Town in a Daze

 We had 2 full days(and two half days) in Tahoe. The first day I spent mostly in a jet lagged daze. We had arrived in the area late the previous evening, and were trying to get back to California time(we were three hours earlier than Ohio time). I spent the day wandering around the tourist area of Heavenly.

  Instead of transporting hikers, the gondolas transported hikers and sightseers up and down the mountain.
Primarily a ski resort, I was surprised on how crowded it was during the summer!

I didn't get a chance to explore the trails, but a couple of Ed's coworkers who run in the morning attested to the beauty of Lake Tahoe's nature. They even saw a Mama bear and her 2 cubs!

 I saw these carvings all over the village.

 Wooden carvings have always been a favorite of mine and these were no exception!

 Plus, they looked so beautiful against the blue sky!
 Speaking of blue, stay tuned tomorrow for a look at the lake itself!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

151/365 Hotel Snaps

For the past 6 summers we have been blessed to be invited to some wonderful locations by Ed's workplace for their annual retreat. This year was no different and we visited Lake Tahoe(on the North Shore). We spent three days at the Marriott Grand Residences.

Although we didn't spend much time in the room, it was spacious and had a full kitchen and dining area.  The service was friendly, and we were greeted by this cute little towel animal!

The weather was gorgeous and, if I had another couple of days, I may have found the time to relax by the pool and enjoy the wonderful views.

But I had other places to explore!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

150/365 Lake Tahoe

After Ohio, and before heading home, we had a brief 3 day stop over in Lake Tahoe for Ed's annual work retreat. Stay tuned for some Tahoe fun over the next few posts...

Friday, August 3, 2018

Fluttering Fun

 I thought I would wrap up our visit to Stan Hywet Gardens with a trip to the Butterfly House!

 When we were visiting, we saw mostly Monarch Butterflies in all stages of development.

 From caterpillar

Who were much fun to watch as they went on their leave tasting trips....

...and then spinning their cacoon...

...and encasing themselves in their chrysalis

I love the splashes of yellow!

 ...and then emerging into butterflies!!

 ...or moths ;-)

Aren't their markings beautiful!!

Hans Christian Anderson said it best, didn't he??

 I could have stayed here for hours!!
Thanks for joining me the past few days on my tour of Stan Hywet Gardens! 
 If you are ever in the Akron/Cleveland Area, make sure to take a morning or afternoon and spend sometime smelling the flowers!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

149/365 Hanging Around

 I'm glad we saw this garden protector during the day...

He looks more like a scarecrow from a horror film than the friendly Ray Bolger type in the Wizard of Oz!

Tomorrow I'll be wrapping up the Stan Hywet Gardens series with a crossover Flower Friday...with Rosy handling the flowers and My Looking Glass looking at a special fluttering part of the Gardens!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

148/365 Hiding in the Shadows

Saw this little lily hiding in the shadows when we made our way back to the main gardens after lunch