Thursday, March 31, 2016

91/366 - Along the Way

Lazy River
Enjoying a short road trip that took me along the Umpqua River for a big part of the day.   
(Taken with the iPhone 6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/950 ~ ISO25)

Down by the River
The best part of a road trip is being able to pull over and enjoy the scenery!
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f11 ~ 18mm ~ 1/250 ~ ISO200)

90/366 - Spring Fever

 Tangled Wisteria
Every year I am amazed at the wonderful wisteria that blooms in our small town's Target parking lot. 
(Taken with the iPhone 6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/1700 ~ ISO25)

Glamour Dog
Relaxing in the sun is one of this decorative Glamour Dog's most favorite activities! 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f4.5~ 38mm ~ 1/2500 ~ ISO200)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

89/366 - Long and Winding Road

 Morning Drive
 There is something about a sunny morning and Humboldt County that demands a drive to nowhere.
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/1150 ~ ISO25)

Winding Road
This morning's exploration brought me to the farmlands of Kneeland.
(Taken with the Nikon d7200 ~ 18-140mm
f10 ~ 52mm ~ 1/320 ~ ISO200)

Monday, March 28, 2016

88/366 - Yard Work

 A Cup of Fragrance
Fresh cut lilacs, a such a lovely smell!
(Taken with the D7200 ~ 35mm lens
f3.2 ~ 35mm ~ 1/2000 ~ ISO200)

Almost Ready
After a year of pretty freaky weather, our rhododendron bushes are starting to believe it really is Spring. 
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/60 ~ ISO32)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

87/366-Easter 2016

 Easter  2016
Easter Service is even more beautiful when it is heard in a forest of redwood trees. 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f5.6 ~ 24mm ~ 1/160 ~ 200ISO)

Unicorn Garden
What a beautiful day for fun in the garden. 
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/3000 ~ ISO25)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

86/366 - Misty Afternoon

 Misty Cherry Blossom Afternoon
After a few sunny days, the mist has moved in making everything gray with a beautiful sheen. 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm
f5.6 ~ 140mm ~ 1/250 ~ ISO200)

Backyard Blooms
The color is slowly spreading through out the backyard, helping to make the misty days more bearable.
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/60 ~ ISO25) 

Friday, March 25, 2016

85/366-Lovely Spring Morning

 Western Trillium
Such beautiful flowers that bloom against the floor of the redwood forest.
(Taken with iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/15 ~ ISO80)

Spring in the Country
Spring blooms on a beautiful morning.
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm Lens
f8 ~ 18mm ~ 1/500 ~ ISO200)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

84/366 - Hippity Hoppity

 Hippity Hoppity
Easter's on it's way! Fun with Easter props :-) 
(Taken with the D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f4.5 ~ 42mm ~ 1/400 ~ ISO200)

Rainy Morning Calla
The wild Calla Lilies are in full bloom just in time for Easter!
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/600 ~ ISO25)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

83/366 - Yellow

 Color on a Cloudy Afternoon
Fun yellow flowers brightening up an overcast afternoon.
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/1500 ~ ISO25)

Yellow Folds
A Day Lily waits patiently for the sun to draw its petals open.
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140 lens
f5 ~ 40mm ~ 1/1000 ~ ISO200)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

62/366 Best Buds

 Spring Bud
Drenching rains and afternoon sun is doing wonders for our fuschia!
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f8 ~ 140mm~ 1/200 ~ ISO200)

Best Buds
So many spring flower buds, so little time!
(Taken with iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/30 ~ ISO25)

Monday, March 21, 2016

81/366 - A Rainy Day Break

A Break in the Storm
When I saw the sun break through the stormy skies this afternoon I decided it was a great excuse for a short drive in the country. 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140lens
f14 ~ 116mm ~ 1/200 ~ ISO200)

Nothing to See Here Human
Unless you have food,  move along!
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/1700 ~ ISO25)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

80/366 Peace

 Island thru the Trees
A peaceful respite from everyday worries can always be found where the ocean meets the trees
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f13 ~ 18mm ~ 1/250 ~ ISO200)

A peaceful stroll through the treeline along the ocean is always a wonderful way to clear my mind.
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/2200 ~ ISO25)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

79/366 - Springtime Portraits

Springtime Fancy
Arty would like a Spring full of walkies and trips to the beach!
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/160 ~ ISO25)

Happy Spring!
Jakey is hoping for a Spring filled with sunshine and snuggles! 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 35mm lens
f6.3 ~ 35mm ~ 1/320 ~ ISO200)

Friday, March 18, 2016

78/366 - Flower Friday

 Misty Morning
A dewy morning in Humboldt County today.
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f5.6 ~ 140mm ~ 1/125 ~ ISO200)

Jazzy Jasmine
The sweet fragrance of Jasmine is starting to fill the backyard. Yay Spring!!
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/120 ~ ISO32)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

77/366 - A Bit O'Green

 An Irish Celebration
Although he may not be Irish, Arty is helping his Irish minion celebrate Saint Patrick's Day! 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f4 ~ 32mm ~ 1/60 ~ ISO200)

Ready to Bloom
Surrounded by green,  our purple lilac buds are ready burst!
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/900 ~ ISO25)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

76/366 - Coastal Comfort

 Sound Waves
It doesn't matter if it is Kauai or Trinidad, the sound of waves is just as relaxing. 
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/1600 ~ ISO25)

Coastal Comfort
Nothing like enjoying the coast on a beautiful spring day!
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 - 18-140mm lens
f13 ~ 40mm ~ 1/320 ~ ISO200)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

75/366 - Just for Fun

 Sunny Day
A candid shot of our local landmark, the World's Tallest Totem Pole! 
(Taken with my iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~1/3600 ~ ISO25)

My Incredible Dog....who is patient enough to dress up and pose pretty...

If the payment is right ;-).
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 18-140mm Lens
f4.2 ~ 35mm ~ 1/80 ~ ISO200)

74/366 - Traveling Home

Through the City
Thanks to the magic that is Pacific Northwest rains, the last leg of our flight home was cancelled and we were treated to a ride through the city and up the 101 back to Humboldt County.
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/2200 ~ ISO25)

Green, Green Grass of Home
 Lots of rain really brightened the greenery (and filled the rivers) while we were away.
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140mm lens
f6.3 ~ 85mm ~ 1/1000 ~ ISO200)

Monday, March 14, 2016

73/366 - All Good Things....

....must sadly come to an end

 Lasting Beauty
Kauai was such a beautiful island! Its natural beauty will always stand out the most to me.
 (Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/540 ~ ISO25)

Remember Fondly
It was a lovely vacation....
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 ~ 18-140lens
f4.2 ~ 38mm ~ 1/60 ~ ISO200)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

72/366 - Around the Island

 Rolling Waves
There is  little that can be  more relaxing to me then watching the waves roll in.
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/3800 ~ ISO25)

Nawiliwili Harbor Lighthouse
We went for an adventure this morning in search of a lighthouse and were pleasantly surprised by the scenery we found surrounding this little gem. 
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 - 18-140lens
 f11 ~ 35mm ~ 1/580 ~ ISO200)

Thanks for the nice comments on our vacation photos!
 We are traveling home tomorrow and I'll most likely be posting a double day on Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2016

71/366 Na'pali Coast Scenery

Well, just south of Na'pali, anyway....

 Napali Coast Scenery
I never knew there were so many shades of green until visiting Kauai's north coast...
(Taken with the Nikon D3200 - 18-200mm lens
f13 ~ 18mm ~ 1/320 ~ ISO200)

Coral Laden Beach
The surf has been brutal during our stay here in Kauai. This has led to no water sporting for us along with broken coral on the  reefs near shore.  
(Taken with the iPhone6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/950 ~ ISO25)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

70/366 - Taking in the Scenery

 Canyon Beginnings
During our ride around the island today this scenic overlook gave us a view of what looks to be the beginning of Waimea Canyon. So much beauty, so little time. 
(Taken with the iPhone 6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/2500 ~ ISO25)

End of the Road
We took a ride around the island  today. 
Well as far as the road would take us....
(Taken with the Nikon D7200, 18-140mm lens
f13 ~ 24mm ~ 1/250 ~ ISO200)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

69/366 - Lighthouse and Waterfall

 Surprise,  I found Kilauea Lighthouse!
A wonderful little lighthouse looking over the Pacific Ocean. Have I mentioned how much I love lighthouses??!
(Taken with the Nikon D7200 18-140mm lens
f8 ~ 140mm ~ 1/400 ~ ISO200)

 Lush Opeaka'a Falls
The sight of a tropical waterfall can always bring a smile to my face.
(Taken with the iPhon6P
f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/1700 ~ ISO25)

The Beauty of Waterfalls
A close up of Opeaka'a Falls

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

68/366 - Rainy Days and Birds

 Cooling Rains in Paradise
A storm front blew in bringing rain and much needed cooler temps... 
(Taken with the iPhone6P
 f2.2 ~ 4.2mm ~ 1/4 ~ ISO80

 NeNe - Hawaiin State Bird
One of the world's rarest goose, the NeNe can be found only in the Hawaiin islands. They may hold the title of state bird, but, at least in Kauai, the Roosters have them outnumbered!  
(Taken with the Nikon D7200  ~ 18-140mm lens
f7.1 ~ 140mm ~ 1/200 ~ ISO1400)

When questioned about why the NeNe were state bird, and the Rooster was not,
the rooster refused to comment... ;-)

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