Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow in Austin

See that white stuff on the ground...That is snow! Yep, right here in Austin we received about a half an inch to an inch of the white stuff yesterday!

As soon as I got home I grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots just in case it melted overnight

I like these shots....but....

I am much fonder of shots taken in natural light where I don't have to use the flash.


As I write this, the snow is almost gone and the temperatures are headed up into the mid 50s today and should hit 60 tomorrow.

Gotta love Austin!


  1. I love how you framed the tree in the window and the berries are so bright and cheerful.
    We got almost 2 feet of snow since yesterday! Yuck! and more on the way!
    Sunny :)

  2. Here in NC we had snow for 3 consecutive weekends. We did have a break with much warmer temps this last weekend. It is raining today and they are calling for an inch tonight! Of course we don't have it like your friend Sunny, but for us that is alot! Sooooooooo ready for spring!

  3. Looks like you got just enough snow for some really great photos. I love how you framed the first one. The red berries are so pretty. Glad to hear it's gone. We haven't had any snow or ice since December.


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