Thursday, November 12, 2009

Falling towards Christmas OR 'Tis the Season to go Nutso!

Fall has been happening here in Texas. The days have been growing shorter, the 100 degree days have passed and, much to my husbands dismay, the leaves are falling from our trees. Let's just say that leave raking, blowing, sucking and disposal are not "some of his favorite things" or mine either!

Fall Falling
This elm type tree is actually dwarfing the Maple type tree behind it that has lost most of it's leaves

Another sign of fall are the bushes heavy with red type holly berries


Berry Close up
Don't they just need some snow or ice to make you think Holidays!

These berries may be the only "hollyish" looking part of this bush, but it was enough to remind me that the holidays are on their way!! I am so excited and yes, maybe even a little stressed, when I think of all the things that I want to do...and what I need to decide to actually do this year. These are the only things that are on my "must do" list

Disney Digital Scrapbook
All of this for about $30!
This year in the family Christmas gift exchange we were lucky enough to have to buy for the family that we went to Disneyworld with! So I will be doing my first Digital Scrapbook including some of the 650 pictures that I took. Include a gift card for dinner on us and the gift is complete!

Pisces Evite 2009
This years Evite Image

For the past five years we have been hosting the Christmas Party for our dive club and this year is no exception. This is by far, the most wonderful gathering of the most wonderful and eclectic group of people I have ever had the honor to call friends.

Dog Outfits
I think Dory may be the reindeer and Bilbo the Elf
This should be ummmm interesting to say the least!

Most importantly, I need to get these outfits on the dogs to get pictures so I can get my Christmas cards ready!! This year I am doing two types....postcards for the D(ogs) W(ith) B(logs) mailing list, and regular cards for the rest.

I have lists and lists of the things I want to do. To keep from setting my self up for failure,** I will let you know them as I go along! 

Here is to a Christmas Season full of Joy and Creativity!

**A WW term!!


  1. It sounds like a great plan. My daughter and I are discussing our crafting ideas and I have begun my baking list. The time will go much too quickly now. I wish you luck with the costume for Bilbo lol. I am thinking of just putting Sasha in a holiday setting rather then wrestle with the costume. I can't wait to see pictures.


  2. Hey Beth. I gave you an award today on my blog!


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