Thursday, October 1, 2015

Old Towns

 When people hear about Humboldt County, California they think "this". You know what, they aren't completely wrong....there is a lot of "this". "This" being homelessness, illegal substance farming and abuse and an abundance of free spirits.....

This isn't completely a bad thing....unfortunately "this" has led to "that"....
 "That" being a town in distress, businesses that aren't doing as well as they could be,
hospitals that cannot attract doctors, churches that are having a hard time attracting pastors. Partly because of the isolation of the area, partly because there isn't a lot to offer a new employee.

 What we do have is beauty...bunches of beauty. Deep blues and greens, temperate climates, warm sun and cool rain...and fog, lots of fog.

We have beautiful art, wonderful murals which adorn many of the buildings in the area...

We also have the history of riches...
from the redwood boom....

 ...and from the gold rush

 Which helped to create some of the wonderful architecture

Some of which stands empty....

In our Old Town.
(FYI...the above shot I took is the Carson House which is not empty, but now houses the Ingomar Club)

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  1. Hari OM
    ... it's fabulous, but one does wonder if perhaps some of the 'substances' were in use by the architects!!! Totally 'out there man'... The upkeep must be a nightmare... But they are history and undoubtedly are jewels of the area; your photography does them justice! YAM xx


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