Thursday, September 1, 2016

245/366 Fencing

 Fence Flower Fun
Loved seeing this little bit of color among the greenery and wood...

On the Edge
 Fenced in on the edge of the trail..

I am joining
Good Fence Thursday
today, hosted by
The Run "A" Round Ranch


  1. how very pretty! thank you for joining in! lovely!

  2. Interesting fences. I like the rugged, sturdy look. The orange flower makes the perfect adornment.

  3. O, I like your fence but the orange flower is the most beautiful in the photo. NICE! Great photo.

  4. Love that flower next to the fence. It grabs your attention.

  5. NC,
    Beautiful split rail fence. I must share a Tiger Lily story that I was told as a child.
    I can't remember who told me the 'fairy tale', I'm thinking my favorite Aunt Ruth as she was a real jokester. She told me everywhere you saw a tiger lily it meant there was a out house there in the past.
    Hugs HiC

  6. The bright lily adds a wonderful touch of color.
    Oh my that second shot with the fence and trail is just fabulous.


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