Monday, January 25, 2016

25/366 - Blooming Comparison

I found a few lone blooms today (the rains really have the plants confused) and captured them with both the iPhone and my Nikon...just to see the difference/similarities....

The rains seem to have jump started Spring here on the Lost Coast of California.
I really like the Depth of Field the Nikon brings to the table here, along with the smoother background (lots less noise)
(Taken with Nikon 3200 ~ 18-200mm lens
f9.0 ~ 125mm ~ 1/200 ~ ISO200)

Bloom Comparison
The iPhone brings the ability to shoot macro without changing lenses and is easier to 
carry in the rain!
(Taken with iPhone 6P, no filter)


  1. Wow that iPhone quality tho. I hear the 7 will bring even better quality!

  2. I have an Android and don't get that quality.

  3. Hari OM
    LOVE the Nikon one and had already thought 'DoF' before reading your own comment on it. The i-pic is nice... in a chocolate box sort of way. I must admit I occasionally lament not having a more 'portable' unit than the 'Fudge' at times; she's a heavy little beast! YAM xx

  4. Are you pointing and shooting with your phone or manually controlling things? Our S6 does a great job and somehow sometimes seems like the aperture is changing but of course it is not. If only we had some flowers . . .


    1. I just point and shoot. The aperture doesn't change, but the speed does...the exact stats come up n Flickr, I'll start posting them so I (we) can see if they make a difference. There are a few apps out there that can "supposedly" control the aperture...but I'm not quite that motivated :-).


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