Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At the Table Tuesday - Pizza for One

I am one of those gals that is not into the whole "pick a delivery number" pizza dinner thing. My DH could eat pizza 4 out of 7 days a week if he had to, I can do it once, maybe twice a year.

I spent most of my formidable pizza years in Central New Jersey where pizza was not just what you ate, it is what you DID on a Friday night. "Where are you going after the_______(pick an event)??? " the answer was mostly "We're doing pizza,wanna come?". So between the ages of 13 and 19 I "did" lots of pizza. Don't get me wrong you cannot beat NJ pizza hand tossed by cute Italian men!! But I got pretty tired of it and NEVER could any of the "pick a delivery number" pizza's even come close!! I am sooooo looking forward to taking my husband to one of my old pizza haunts in Jersey to taste REAL pizza...anyways...I digress...

So here is my own take on how I eat pizza now....I have gotten all gourmet and girlie for sure!!!


Quick Personal Pizza for One

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2-3 T Marinara
1-2 T Low Fat Ricotta

Mix these 2 together and spread on 1 Small precooked pizza dough - you can use Boboli, I used a whole wheat store brand thin crust

Toppings - I used the following in no special amount, just decorated the top

thinly sliced bermuda onion
roasted red peppers cut into thin strips
artichoke quarters
thin strips of prosciutto (cut with kitchen shears)
sliced plum tomato

Cheese - Once again to taste (there is probably a reason I don't write cookbooks)
Smoked Mozzarella - shredded
Bruschetta crusted goat cheese - crumbled

Bake on cookie sheet for 7-10 minutes until that nummy cheese is bubbly!! You can bake directly on the oven rack if you would like but cut the cooking time back to 5 minutes, and check it every minute or so after that so the crust doesn't burn!

Stop by and see the TaTT hostess with the Mostest Cole at All the Small Stuff for more great recipes!


  1. This looks and sounds positively divine! We don't order pizza very much but we do have an amazing brick oven pizza place. I will definitely have to give your gourmet pizza a try!

  2. I could eat pizza 6 out of 7 days lol. I grew up in Wisconsin and we had really good pizza there also. We had lots of relatives in New Jersey so I did also have that wonderful pizza growing up. Your recipe looks yummy. Thanks for the new blog to check out. I love recipe blogs.



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